Warehouse Procedures and GMP

An in-house training DVD which highlights the basic principles of Good Manufacturing Practice, from the receipt of raw materials to the dispatch of packed stock.

It is designed for warehouse operators working in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment.

There are three specific areas where the responsibilities of the warehouse operator impact on GMP and the quality of the end product.

  1. Control of goods received.
  2. Material storage and movement.
  3. Picking, packing and dispatch of the finished product.

The warehouse operator is responsible for the control, location, identity, documentation and the movement of all materials required for production.

The warehouse operator is the first person to see the raw materials and component parts when they arrive on site. If they are faulty in any way, this is the first opportunity for someone to spot it.

The warehouse operator is also the last person to check the products before they leave the warehouse.

By working through this programme, participants will understand:

  • how warehouse operations can impact on the quality of the end product.
  • the checks which need to be made in warehouse operations.
  • the importance of documentation as the means of effective traceability.
  • the principles for proper segregation of materials in the warehouse.
  • methods of storage and movement controls in the warehouse.
  • the way in which standards of housekeeping can effect GMP.
Runtime:20 minutes
Price:UK Pounds £175
US Dollars $260