Pharmaceutical GMP Training Videos

A Training Resource for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Manufacturing Industries Worldwide.

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For over 25 years PSA has been one of the leading providers of GMP audio/visual training modules specifically designed for new employees, as well as refresher training for experienced personnel.

Produced in collaboration with subject matter experts, each topic is specially designed to reinforce, in concise and practical terms, the importance of personal responsibility for high working standards and compliance with the principles of GMP.

All videos are available for preview on request - please contact us for further details.

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PSA's training videos are widely used over a diverse range of applications associated with the following categories:

The topics embrace the principal activities involved in primary and secondary manufacturing procedures, such as process operations, packaging, on-line checks and controls, standards of maintenance, warehouse activities, control laboratory procedures and contamination control at operator level.

The series includes a module that explains the principles of granulation and a complementary module dealing with the likely causes of tablet imperfections and how they can be remedied.

What everyone on site should know about a regulatory inspection and what to expect, is the subject of another module, including some helpful ideas on how best to react to the occasion.


PSA's customers include a wide variety of companies from around the world.