Packaging and GMP

Packaging is a fundamental element of the manufacturing process for all medicines and yet, despite the use of automatic line detectors, the majority of pharmaceutical complaints and recalls are due to operator error during the packaging process.

This DVD is designed especially for induction training of new employees working in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment and who may be unfamiliar with the stringent requirements associated with production of healthcare products. It is also suitable for experienced personnel as a refresher to highlight the basic principles of GMP.

The same basic GMP principles that apply to the packaging of pharmaceutical products apply equally to healthcare products generally, including homeopathy and veterinary medicines.

At the end of this presentation the participant will:

  • understand how GMP applies to packaging operations - and why.
  • know the correct routines for personal hygiene and protective clothing.
  • understand the rules regarding correct documentation and record keeping.
  • be familiar with on line checks and controls during the packaging process.
  • recognise the importance of adhering to laid down procedures, without any deviation.
  • be aware of their role in the chain of events that leads to the distribution of a product that is fit for purpose and safe to use.
  • understand the principles of accountability and personal responsibility to the people who use their products.
Runtime:16 minutes
Price:UK Pounds £175
US Dollars $260