Pharmaceutical Hygiene - Part 3 (Cleaning)

The pharmaceutical industry has one of the most strictly controlled manufacturing environments. Consequently the need for pharmaceutical hygiene is vital to ensure compliance with the principles of GMP and the manufacture of medicines and healthcare products which are fit for purpose and safe to use.

The prevention of product contamination pervades the complete production cycle, including personnel, premises, equipment, production materials and anything that can be a potential source of contamination of the end product.

This series of three training DVDs examines, in simple terms, the most common causes of product contamination and methods of control.

They are designed primarily for the induction of new employees. They could also be used as a timely reminder for experienced personnel.

The aim is to draw attention to the principle causes of product contamination, with some guidelines on how to prevent it.

Part 3

  • The extent to which buildings, production facilities and process equipment are designed for ease of cleaning, thereby avoiding the accumulation of contaminants.
  • Importance of following validated cleaning and sanitising procedures.
  • Correct procedures for cleaning and methods of sanitisation.
  • The importance of validated methods of cleaning; backed up by using tested and approved cleaning materials and cleaning fluids.
  • Mandatory cleaning records as an integral part of batch documentation.
Runtime:20 minutes
Price:UK Pounds £195
US Dollars $295