A General Introduction to GMP

A brief in-house training DVD designed for new employees unfamiliar with the quality standards required in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. It also serves an introduction to the GMP series of DVDs

It gives a concise and straightforward explanation of the meaning of GMP and why it is essential to comply with the principles of GMP in order to obtain products of the requisite quality, fit for their intended use.

Suitable for employees involved in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, veterinary medicines and homeopathic products.

The content of this DVD is designed to:

  • outline the concept and background of GMP
  • explain the purpose of GMP
  • draw attention to the key elements of GMP
  • describe the vital link between GMP and patient welfare
  • demonstrate how GMP is put into practice throughout the whole manufacturing process
  • put into context the existence of mandatory GMP rules and guidelines, applicable to the manufacture of health care products
  • emphasise the theme that quality is everyone’s responsibility, throughout the organisation and manufacturing process
Runtime:10 minutes
Price:UK Pounds £100
US Dollars $175