Introduction to GMP for Toiletries and Cosmetics

An essential element in toiletry and cosmetic manufacturing is the, implementation and enforcement of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) designed to ensure product quality and safety.

This training DVD is designed as an introduction to the basic principles of GMP for new employees and as a refresher for experienced personnel employed in the manufactured of toiletries and cosmetics.

It emphasises the need for quality systems to meet customer expectations.

The ground covered follows the receipt and storage of raw materials, dispensing, process operations, packaging, process controls, storage and despatch of finished stock.

On completion of this module the trainee will be able to explain:

  • the concept of Quality, in context with the principles of GMP.
  • the basic GMP elements in each stage of the manufacturing process.
  • the vital link between on-line tests and controls and GMP.
  • the importance of following laid down procedures (SOPs), without any deviation.
  • the importance of documentation and record keeping.
  • the meaning of good housekeeping.
  • the harmful effects of product contamination and methods of control.
  • personal hygiene and the importance of following Company rules that apply to protective clothing.
Runtime:20 minutes
Price:UK Pounds £175
US Dollars $260